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One of the most common repairs needed on shingle roofs is the replacement of a lone shingle that has blown off. This requires breaking the seal of the shingles two rows above the missing shingle and then removing the nails holding these shingles down. This must be done without excessive bending of the good shingles, thereby damaging them. This is best done using one of the smaller sized shingle removal tools available, which feature a flat, surface with a forked edge on one end. This allows for the shingle seals to be broken easily and nails to be gripped and pulled up with minimal disturbance to the good shingles.

The damaged shingle is held down by nails underneath the two rows of good shingles immediately above. Once these nails are pulled out the damaged shingle can be removed and replaced with a good one. The nails removed previously must now be hammered back into place while carefully lifting the good shingles.

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Finding The Right Houston Roofing Company

Use these ideas to find a good roofing company and save a bundle. Searching the internet will bring up a list of people claiming to be able to fix a roof . Blindly choosing one is a recipe for disaster. Roofing repair is very challenging work . Some roofs need special trained contractors to repair.

The first option, use a review web site. Members post information on how well a contractor or company performed. While some of these sites charge a membership fee, others sites are free to post a review. A second option is to check with local community organizations. These organization track complaints , disputes and even law suits. Finally , use friends and family who have had roofing work done

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